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Fotos que demuestran que la hora dorada es el momento más hermoso del día

"The soul of Kyoto," photographed by Patricia Soon

"Abandoned house" by Manel Subirats

"Alone" by Kashif Qaiser

"Calm and clear" by @moodfella

"Chapman's Pool" by Carl Brightman

"Cholula Magic" by Charlie Martinez

"Da Lat Sunset" by Thai Bao H.

"Dance dance dance" by Ksenia Zaiets

"Fishing in Simerenya" by F. Dilek Uyar

"Fishing" by Ali Awais

"Golden Castle Blues" by Cameron Aird

"Golden dragonfly" by Oscar Sanchez

"Golden Farming" by Marc Le Cornu

"Golden Hair" by Armin Abdehou

"Golden happy hour" by Christophe Lombardo

"Golden hour shining upon the Sagrada Família Cathedral in Barcelona" by Henry Do

"Golden Sunset Stories" by Pantelis Ignatiou

"I miss you everyday Dad" by Florian Brioude

"I see fire inside the mountain" by Vitor Esteves

"In the Woods" by @pixsas

"Khmer Children in Vietnam" by Nguyen Vu Phuoc

"Lonely Beach" by Max Bowen

"Love On the Branch" by Light Rays Photography

"Monument West Mitten" by Kent Sampson

"New York Skyline" by @and1402

"One last stop" by Carles Alonso

"Oryx in the Dunes" by Tom Franklin de Waart

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