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Luz Led Mircopro RGB 80R


  • CCT mode allows you to accurately choose between a wide color temperature range of 2700K-6500K, and quickly match the ambient lighting conditions


  • HSI color mode, 360° hue, 100-level saturation and 100-level brightness can be adjusted, reproducing 36,000 brilliant colors.


  • FX lighting mode includes 12 special lighting effects, including 1. RGB cycle; 2. disco mode; 3. lightning mode; 4. broken bulb mode; 5. TV simulation; 6, candle simulation; 7, campfire simulation; 8 , Fireworks simulation; 9. Police car simulation; 10. Fire alarm simulation; 11. Ambulance simulation; 12. SOS mode.  100-level brightness and 3-level frequency under each special effect can be adjusted, and the virtual scene is suitable for shooting micro movies and videos, and presents the video atmosphere more strongly.


  • LCD large screen display, can clearly read all set values


  • It is powered by a 100-240 VAC power cord or two NP-F970 batteries (optional), which is most suitable for portable use, which is very convenient for studio or on-site use.


  • Mobile phone smart APP control, all function settings are clear at a glance, easy setting and adjustment, convenient and fast operation, simplifying the setting time.


  • Bowens bayonet can be equipped with various Bowen's accessories to create rich lighting effects. Use it with the standard reflector to increase the brightness of the light; use it with the soft box to make the light softer, and use it with the spot focus more, etc.


  • Universal 5/8" installation interface, which can be firmly installed on light stand or  and various lighting fixtures.

Luz Led Mircopro RGB 80R

S/.1,450.00 Precio
S/.1,230.00Precio de oferta
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